School Info

Learning Cottages

Hog Mountain has been collaborating with Oak Hill Classical School on ideas for a neighborhood sized school. Oak Hill is now in their 12th year and has 120 students at their Dacula campus. Village Planner Tom Low’s Learning Cottage initiative is based on the historic American campus. The plans include student sized buildings with reciprocal outdoor space to the indoor space provided. These buildings can be constructed over time as the school grows rather than using temporary trailers until there are enough funds to build a large institutional building.

image 3 learning cottage4 learning cottage3 learning cottage2


The school emphasizes the importance of truth, beauty and goodness to its students. The leadership and parents of the school wish to embody these virtues in the physical buildings and environment of the campus. An opportunity to do this is in the school gymnasium. Rather than the too typical cost efficient steel metal building, the example below from Falling Creek Camp in NC exhibits beautifully how a gym can be functionally while also contributing to its surrounding.

Outdoor Amphitheater

Oak Hill plans to have an outdoor amphitheater that can be used for school and community events. This example from Swarthmore PA would fit perfectly among the existing hardwoods of Hog Mountain.

Science & Nature Center

Oak Hill also desires for its students to connect with nature to better understand the physical world created by God. A science and nature center where students can tend gardens and care for animals is planned.