Frequently Asked Questions

A traditional neighborhood development (TND) may sound interesting, but many folks are not familiar with them and naturally have questions. In addition to the description on the site, below are some common questions and related answers. See our updated master plan to understand better where the elements are located.

Q: A commercial area in the suburbs? That seems potentially disruptive to residential life.

A: Unfortunately, modern suburban development has focused on large anchor tenant commercial developments with huge parking lots that we all must drive to as opposed to smaller, neighborhood-sized establishments that can provide basic items and services similar to what many of us remember from smaller towns. These larger scale businesses are typically more institutional in terms of architecture as opposed to residential in character. Below are a few examples of office, retail and restaurants in other TND’s that are designed to fit the neighborhood and encourage walking and interaction with neighbors.

Hog Mountain is planning a maximum of three (3) small scale commercial buildings with office space on upper floors and retail or restaurants on the ground floor that may be built out over time as demand warrants. Similar to the overall architecture of the village, these buildings will be reflective of the history of our particular place while embracing the present. The buildings are residential scaled, fit into the neighborhood well and provide opportunities for neighbors to enjoy a meal, make a purchase without using their car and spend time visiting with friends. These buildings by Historical Concepts for Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, SC are similar to our vision.

Q: What exactly are live/work units?

Similar to the concepts above, live/work units create an opportunity for small retail shops, coffee shops, etc. with residential space above for single adults or young professionals. Our plan has only one (1) building with four live/work units available. The architecture and size bring charm and style to the entry way of the village and help frame up the village green space. The example below is from Habersham in Beaufort SC, a TND master planned by our village planner, Tom Low.

Q: Our area only has detached, single family homes. Won’t attached housing diminish home values in the area?

A: TND’s with a variety of housing options have proved over time to dramatically increase surrounding property values. This is due to quality of design and construction compared to typical “builder grade” construction we see too often. By providing limited options for what many experts are calling the “missing middle” housing, TND’s allow for aging in place with younger and older residents able to stay in a neighborhood for a lifetime.

Hog Mountain plans 3-4 mansion townhomes or duplexes with the look of larger mansion homes along the village green that will frame up and anchor the public space with grace and southern elegance. Notice the attention to architectural detail and quality in the examples below. These will add to the quality of the area rather than detract from it.