Updated Master Plan

Our updated master plan is currently under review by the Gwinnett County Planning Department. We will provide more information when available.

Some notes as compared to earlier conceptual versions:

  • The number of residential units is now 86. There are 74 single-family detached home lots ranging in size from 5,000 SF to 1+ acre, 8 mansion townhome lots fronting the village green and 4 live/work flats also along the green.
  • Although there is variety in the home types, with 86 residential units on 66+ acres, the density averages out to only 1.3 units/acre. This reflects the preservation approach being taken. There are over 18 acres of common green space and another 16 acres of estate lots with limited construction disturbance. More than half of the property will remain in its current beautiful woodland state.
  • A roundabout is now proposed at the intersection of Hamilton Mill Parkway and Jim Moore Road. The idea was promoted by the Gwinnett County Planning Department. They are becoming more popular, as evidence of their improved safety, efficiency and traffic calming features emerge. Here is one of many articles on them. They are also more aesthetically pleasing than another set of traffic lights. There remain a total of three (3) entrances to the village spread out along Jim Moore Road.
  • The proposed school location has been pulled into the heart of the village.
  • A village sized commercial area remains that can house offices on the second floor and small retail or restaurants on the ground level.
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